Case Studies

Shared Mobility Platform

We were asked by a customer to build an MVP that showcases a business idea in the space of Shared Mobility. Minimum requirements were:

  • Booking available cars and other vehicles from remote
  • Allowing to unlock / lock vehicles with a Mobile App
  • Automated trip billing and invoicing 

And most importantly, the solution should be presented to investors within 10 weeks.

Thanks to our brandable solution components, services like Client Onboarding, Mobile booking, or Accounting were available in no time. 

On top, a Vehicle Access Solution was integrated. This service was provided by a third partner as a Microservice in the Internet.

After the presentation, our customer started the business and is still in the market. 

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The Digital Gardener

Our client is a big European player in the field of plant care. He asked us to create a mobile solution which provides an intelligent customer service while increasing customer loyality. 

The Digital Gardener uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services to support gardeners in the best care of their plants.

With the Digital Gardener App, a gardener can take and upload a snapshot of a plant. While uploading, the picture is analysed and recognized by the integrated AI/ML service. This information is sent to a product database, which then suggests the best tools and care products. 

Image analysis services are provided by Googles Vision AI Microservices.

This MVP was built in 2021 within 13 weeks. In fact, AI training took up the most time.

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Blockchain secures Sensing as a Service

As part of an innovation program for a leading European supplier of sensors, we were asked to develop a solution that transforms their offline product business (selling sensors in a physical store) into a service model (selling sensor services in the internet).

As a particular challenge, legally relevant sensor transactions such as calibration must be processed quickly and securely over the Internet.

We implemented this requirement by introducing a layer-2 blockchain that secures sensor transactions and makes them available to a web wallet in near real-time.

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