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We build Odoo based Business Services since 2019. Our goal is to shift your Odoo from a business platform to an amazing place for users by integrating awsome services from the Internet.   

Some of our implementation highlights are showcased below.


Event Platform

Every year in June, Lenzerheide Motor Classics (LMC) welcomes Classic Car enthusiasts to one of one of the coolest, toughest and most established motorsport events in Switzerland.

Since its 2020 edition, the spectacle is powered by the LMC Digital Event Platform. The Odoo based platform was designed to boost the extraordinary experience of this event for drivers, fans and sponsors.

The platform not only manages LMC’s driver and rider admissions but also brings additional services such as hotel bookings, catering services, or merchandising to the benefit of all participants of the event. And, of course, provides all relevant information in the blink of an eye.

The platform comes with built-in marketing analysis which makes the event even more attractive for sponsors. And last but not least, integrated accounting services and financial reporting are boosting the efficiency of the LMC organisation.

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Odoo 13 Enterprise Edition with Event Management, CRM, Accounting Apps

Digital Marketing and Analysis

Extended Booking services

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Accounting as a


One of our customers is a leading Swiss software provider for public prosecutor's office. He wanted to add Accounting capabilities to his own software package. To solve the problem, we developed the Odoo Accounting Webservice.

The Webservice enables workflows from external applications to trigger Odoo bookings controlled by a ruleset.

For instance, an external application can create an invoice in Odoo while sending a letter to a customer. Then, the Odoo invoice form is sent back to the application.

This makes Odoo accounting available for applications without their own booking engine.

Furthermore, the webservice includes SAP integration.

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Odoo 12 Enterprise Edition with Accounting App

Accounting is provided as a Webservice to third party products

Extended Bank payment processing

Extended Dashboards and To-Do management

SAP integration via Webservice

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Social Communication & Community Building

In order to remain attractive and competitive, companies need to offer solutions for flexible work form home or remote to their employees.

At the same time, a corporate culture should be preserved that promotes loyalty among employees and towards the company.

We tackled these challenges by building a Social Communication and Networking platform on top of Odoo. Employees can receive company information on their iOS and Android apps, and they can chat or share documents with others.

The apps also allow employees to self-organize themselves in agile teams, or to search and find colleagues, organization units, customer responsibilities, and much more.

Since we built the platform for the Swiss Federal Administration, highest security and privacy standards are part of the design.

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Odoo 13 Enterprise Edition with Social Marketing App

Brandable Mobile Apps

Mobile Push Notifications

Social Network (FB, Twitter, WhatsApp) Integration 

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